The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Dr. Mehran H. Bazargani

My name is Mehran, a post-doctoral researcher in the school of Computer Science, Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics at University College Dublin (UCD), and I am the founder of ML-Dawn. My research interests fall in the realm of machine learning, specifically, anomaly detection, active learning and interpretability. You can find my publications on Google Scholar.

I have created this blog to address some of the most common and yet poorly understood concepts of machine learning. I address machine learning concepts in a very systematic way to make sure you will understand all the bits and pieces inside, and at the same time have a good grasp on the big picture. As our motto goes:

“Break it, Absorb the bits, Reconstruct it, and let it Sink (BARS)” (ML-Dawn)

Who are we?

ML-Dawn is an academic platform, which strives to provide machine learning enthusiasts with high-quality content on different areas of machine learning. We have realized that there are a considerable number of individuals who are using machine learning on a daily basis, without actually having developed a solid foundation in their knowledge! In particular, computer scientists have grown used to using libraries such as Tensor-flow, in a way that they have failed to master the mathematical foundation of the machine learning models that they are working on!

There are many on/off-line solutions out there, however, we believe that these resources while highly effective in some aspects, fail to deliver on the others. For instance, there are online E-learning platforms on the internet, which sometimes jump into the math with no gentle introduction to the idea at first. Or, there are online learning and teaching market places, which are not at all consistent with their quality! (i.e., some courses are highly informative, while others are below par!).

At ML-Dawn, we strive to combine the goods from these sources, eliminate their drawbacks, and add our own creative touch to our courses, so that our students would be constantly provided with highly informative and thorough courses that are worth their expenses, and definitely their time.

Who is our audience?

If any of the following applies to you, we would strongly believe that our services can be of value to you: 

  1. If you are a student, doing your degree in the field of machine learning and highly interested in having a solid grasp on your knowledge in various areas of machine learning.
  2. If you are a computer science enthusiast and would like to learn more about machine learning.
  3. If you are a researcher in the R & D section of a company, and you would like to solidify your knowledge of machine learning to create new methods to compete with the existing ones.

Our customers are our students, and we truly care about conveying the correct knowledge to our students, while keeping a high standard throughout our courses.

We have been, and some of us are still, students and do realize the struggles that machine learning enthusiasts struggle with while trying to learn a new concept.

We will not let our students suffer as we did: The quality at ML-DAWN will not fall!

What does our audience value?​

At ML-Dawn, we have realized that in general the following are the complaints about the current on-line machine learning courses:

    1.  Lack of consistency in the quality of the courses from online learning and teaching marketplace: This results in a waste of time and of course the money of the students. Not to mention, a low-quality course could easily dissuade a potentially good student from advancing in the exciting realm of machine learning.
    2. Understanding the machine learning concepts requires a great deal of mathematical foundation, while understanding the big picture (i.e., the application of the models). Unfortunately, it seems that the current on-line courses either fail to provide the students with a gentle passage through the math, or they fail to address the big picture.

Our customers value their time, the quality of the product, and of course their money, and so do we. At ML-Dawn, we will not stop caring about these factors.

What is our plan?​

Considering our mission and the current status of the students of machine learning, and their expectations, we have the following plans:

  1. Building a competent team for creating a high standard content for our customers: The standard has to be and stay high and this can only be achieved through a strong team-work.
  2. Revising relevant courses in the form of video files: We will also accompany the content with suplementary materials such as course slides, and also reference papers and materials if necessary.
  3. Creating an effective Customer relationship Management (CRM) system, which would help us put our customers’ feedback into effect in order to continuously improve the quality of education at ML-Dawn.
  4. At ML-Dawn, we will make sure to solidify the foundation of our customers through a gentle approach, while making sure that the big picture and the application of the machine learning concepts will be understood, as well. We are quite excited about this journey, and we do hope that you share this positive energy!